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This document is intended to briefly explain the basics about myself, what I do and why I do it. People I encounter online have pre-formulated opinions about me and I’m using this document to confirm and/or dispel those beliefs.

Who am I?
I’m English and French speaking Canadian born Polish descent, average woman who blogs her sexual life publicly online to whomever wants to see it. I am your next door neighbor milf who lets you perv on her private life. I do not perform, do sale-pitches or show you mainstream content. What you will see is a very different and authentic work of art, in a sense, and you will be communicating with the real me.

Contact me & Where to find my content:
I’m flirty by nature. Please DO NOT misinterpret this to result in meeting or dating, this will never happen! Whatever is said on social media is only a virtual fantasy and will stay virtual online and nothing more.

My public content is all over the web derived from my various public/free social media. I allow my content to be copied/reposted so go nuts and have fun ;) However, my exclusive (can’t find anywhere) content is in one place at OnlyFans@Kissra and Sheer@AmateurGirl.

The only place where you are talking directly with me is OnlyFans@Kissra, Sheer@AmateurGirl and X@DarkGothAngel (formerly Twitter)! All my other free social media are moderated by different people. Also, you’ll see me LIVE-streaming on OnlyFans@Kissra, grab a beer and have fun at the same time. I answer questions and take requests; all for $10/month

Why I do what I do?
It’s a turn on when people pay me “symbolically” and tell me I turn them on.
People who ask for freeBee’s on free social media platforms do not turn me on because all it tells me that they couldn’t get lucky anywhere else so they are asking to see if I would accommodate them. However, when someone pays/tip me (even symbolically) to have virtual fun it tells me they are into me and that’s a HUGE turn-on, especially when they keep coming back! That’s why I only chat on my paid-subscription platforms OnlyFans@Kissra, SnapChat, Sheer@AmateurGirl and X@DarkGothAngel. To put it in context, if you value something, say your car, wouldn’t you take care of it and spend on it? This is no different in my views ;)

IMPORTANT: Self-righteous people looking to report creators' accounts because they believe that I’m abused and what I do is immoral..etc;

  • I’ve been doing what I do for decades (see how far back my content spans).
  • I’ve been with the same guy since highschool and all my content is with him only!
  • I am health oriented, I don't smoke, never done drugs of any kind and I don't drink alcohol, only socially. I keep my body healthy.
  • I’m not breaking the law or forcing my content/life-style on others.
  • I do not believe in your ideals or religions. We are living in a free society and I’m free to live the way I want. My journey is mine alone. I don't care what others say. I don't need to defend my beliefs to anyone. I do what feels right to me and I keep in mind to be respectful to those around me. I will walk my own path and your approval or opinion is not needed!

NOTE: The content I post is all fantasy play and filmed with consenting adults (no minors). If you message me about trying to save me; I suggest you go back to the cave you crawled out of, get therapy and stop coming to my sites. Read about flowers and birds or some shit but quit bothering me. OK!

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